„[…] Or is it, that as in essence whiteness is not so much a colour as the visible absence of a colour, and at the same time the concrete of all colours; is it for these reasons that there is such a dumb blankness, full of meaning, in a wide landscape of snows — a colourless all-colour of atheism from which we shrink?“


Abschließend noch eine „Moby-Dick“-Rezension von

Reviewer: hikinandbikin – – January 11, 2008
First off if you know you like the story Moby Dick you should download this. […] Also, this review is for the common reader not a literary critic.
However, If you have always heard about how great Moby Dick is but never read it, save yourself the time. Moby Dick is the kind of book that rambles through a massive string of jarring storytelling shifts to the point of being utterly frustrating. As the story progresses you soon discover that about every other chapter does nothing to advance the plot but is rather a complete change of subject to some highly detailed minutia that while loosely tied to the book add nothing to the story. It is like a Kevin Costner movie but worse. [Hervorhebung von ismael2] After I finished the book, which was a complete let down, I was left wondering how in the world Melville became known as a master. Perhaps I just don’t get 20 century literature.

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